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New Headway Intermediate 3.vyd. Student´s Book + czech wordlist (učebnice)

Typ produktu Paperback Vydavatel Oxford University Press ELT Stránky 160 Jazyk Angličtina

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Key features Streamlined units, now at eight pages. They are easy to navigate, with clearly divided sections. Fresh modern design, with an emphasis on maximum clarity on the page. Every aspect of the previous edition has been reviewed. There are small changes to make activities run more smoothly, as well as major changes to text and topic. The clear, systematic, effective grammar syllabus has been retained, but has been modified where necessary for even greater clarity. Grammar Spots highlight key areas, getting students to analyse form and use. Up-to-date texts with global appeal reflect changing trends and the use of English worldwide. Challenging reading and listening texts from a variety of authentic sources develop comprehension skills and integrate speaking practice, usually personalised. Writing now has a separate section at the back of the book, with a fuller syllabus, providing models and follow-up activities.

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