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110 her pro rozvoj myšlení

Nakladatel: Grada Rok vydání: září 2010 Jazyk: Čeština Druh: Kniha Vazba: Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá Počet stran: 272

289,00 Kč

111 her pro atraktivní výuku angličtiny

Nakladatel: Grada Jazyk: Čeština Vazba: Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá Počet stran: 144

199,00 Kč
Hry od 6 let a více

IQ testy

Praktická cvičení, rady a tipy pro rozvoj verbálního, numerického a prostorového myšlení

169,00 Kč

Nursing 1

Stránky 136 Jazyk Angličtina Rozměry 270 x 211 x 8

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625,00 Kč

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A new, up-to-date course where students learn what they need to know for a career in nursing. Oxford English for Careers is a series which prepares pre-work students for starting their career. Everything in each Student´s Book is vocation-specific, which means students get the language, information, and skills they need to help them get a job in their chosen career. Key features Focuses on the functional language needed to succeed in the job. Grammar, vocabulary, and skills are all contextualized in real work situations. An aspirational approach includes It´s my job profiles of real professionals, and specialist facts, figures, and quotations on every page. Writing bank or Reading bank gives practice in working with specialist texts. Contemporary, easy-to-navigate design with an In this unit learning menu and an end-of-unit Checklist with CEF Can-do tick boxes. Revision and extension with Projects and Webquests, a student´s website with consolidation exercises from the unit, and a handy Key words list at the end of every unit with the essential vocabulary. Teacher´s Resource Book provides a specialist background to the area for every unit, plus easy-to-understand tips, additional activities for mixed ability classes, and Grammar tests and Communication worksheets.

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